The Best Book Bundles—Bulk Children’s Buys for Max Engagement

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It’s no secret what makes Netflix watchable—it’s all so bingeworthy, with many series that stretch over a few seasons that are all available with the click of a button.

And if you’ve ever read a good book, you’ve probably experienced the same feeling with the turn of that last page—I want more!

And that’s the beauty of book bundles—multiple titles at the ready, just waiting for you to get to them immediately after finishing the previous.

When I was a kid, this was the case with books like Encyclopedia Brown and Goosebumps. Other kids liked The Boxcar Children and basically anything by Judy Blume.

Anyway, you’ll find some of these greats, along with a handful of other awesome options listed below as part of the best book bundles available for purchase – and binge reading – right now.

Young Kids

Little Miss Collection
By Roger Hargreaves

Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, and more! A bit of nostalgia, as my early library trips as a kid always led me up the familiar steps to the kids section, and right to these and the many Mr. Men books by Roger Hargreaves.

Fun reads, with each being an excellent way to teach kids all that goes into a single adjective, noun, or verb—as in, what does being a chatterbox really look like?

Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection
By Dr. Seuss

I don’t know about you, but especially with stories in heavy reading rotation, they somehow find their way all over the house, across different bookshelves, stuck in couches, and more.

So, part of the beauty of the book bundle is that they often come with great carrying and storage containers, which serves as a great reminder to put books back where they belong.

This goes for this amazing Dr. Seuss collection of books. Well, it goes for all of the bundles mentioned above and below, but I’m plugging the benefit of the bundle here because, let’s face it, I don’t really need to do much to explain the greatness of The Cat in the HatHop on Pop, and One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish—all of which are included in this bundle.


Boynton’s Greatest Hits
By Sandra Boynton

You probably love your favorite shows because of the recurring characters and the familiar storylines that branch off here and there into new watchable experiences.

While kids books aren’t quite as complex, there is a lot to be said for the familiarity of your favorite hippo, armadillo, and other animal friends. Which is part of what makes Sandra Boynton’s bundle so readable.

That and the fact that the crew goes about explaining the everyday and normal through fun and playful words. The Going to Bed BookOpposites, and more.

Complete Mercer Mayer Collection
By Mercer Mayer

For us parents, books are excellent tools in teaching lessons, and showing our kids that hey, it’s not just you who has to brush teeth, or who has to endure a new baby brother.

Which is what makes Mercer Mayer’s little critter books relatable—with titles like Just Go To Bed, The New Baby, Just a Mess, and many more, there are real life lessons galore…and all with cute illustrations and playful words.

Older Kids

Roald Dahl Collection
By Roald Dahl

You’ve surely heard of and enjoyed the famous James and the Giant Peach and The Big Friendly Giant, and don’t forget about Matilda, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

While this collection doesn’t follow a single character or related/intertwined storylines, with each book standing as its own magnificence, the bundle is sure to keep any chapter book reader glued to each page as they make their way through each epic tale.

Goosebumps Retro Scream Collection
By R.L. Stine

What’s your favorite movie? Favorite song? Pretty much impossible questions, right?

Well, the same can be said when asked, what’s your favorite Goosebumps book? And, with 235 titles in all, the same can also be applied when choosing your favorite Goosebumps book bundle!

So, I chose this bundle, the retro collection given that one of my favorite stories is right there, front and center (Say Cheese And Die!). Others stories include other awesome fan favorites like Night of the Living Dummy, and my all-time favorite of favorites, The Haunted Mask.

Encyclopedia Brown Box Set
By R.L. Stine

With Encyclopedia Brown, there is this classic 4-book bundle, or another option that contains 12 books. Since the other bundles mentioned above are probably more mainstream popular, and thus this might be your first time hearing of the young boy detective, I figured it would be easier for you to check out the smaller bundle.

Anyway, all of that aside, if your kids like mystery, sleuthing, and case-solving then Encyclopedia Brown is a great fit! Perhaps the first set of books I really fell into as a kid, and not that it makes any difference to you, it’s at least one glowing review if nothing else (in addition to the 766 5-star Amazon rating!)

Boy DetectiveEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret PitchEncyclopedia Brown Finds the Clues, and Encyclopedia Brown Gets His Man are all included here, and all center around the boy detective who sets out to crack the case for friends or even his dad, the chief of police!

With that, I hope you find the best book bundle for you and your child, and would love to hear of any other suggestions and recommendations based on your reading experiences!

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