Ghostwriting for Children’s Books—Options & Resources

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You’re an idea person, right? Or, you have great ideas, and writing skills, but just don’t have the time to write a book?

Perhaps you are flush with ideas, are a great writer, have the time to write a book, but just don’t know where to start?

Did we talk about illustrations yet?

TLDR: I can be your ghostwriter; you can Check my reviews here. Or, you can go to somewhere like Fiverr to find some help. It’s super easy with the search below.

Find a Freelancer

Anyway, point is, writing a children’s book might seem easy, and frankly, it isn’t hard, but there are some mental roadblocks when it comes to actually sitting down and getting something done.

Hi, I’m Ryan, and I’m a self-made writer, illustrator, and published author.

Well, most of my writing is for other people as a ghostwriter, my illustrations aren’t great, but passable thanks to Canva, and I’m actually only published because I can easily do myself thanks to, again, Canva and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

If that seems like a hacked together approach, you’re absolutely right; it is.

Sometimes, when we don’t have experience in a particular area, we just do what we can to make things work. Some of it sticks, some falls completely flat.

I bring it all up because you’re looking for some ghostwriting for children’s books. There are a few places you can be looking for such help, and I’ll get to that in a minute.


But the first question to ask of yourself, just to make sure…

Can you write your own books or stories?

Because if you can, with the help of a tool like Canva, and with the ease of KDP, you can probably knock out a story on your own.

Still no?

OK, next question…

What kind of book are you wanting to write? If it’s something short, say 100-400 words, and you want it to rhyme, how about I write it?

Here are just a few of my many reviews:

No, ok…pitch over.

But, I can still point you in the right direction of a few others who might be able to help.

Fiverr & Upwork

I mentioned Fiverr above, which a freelancer marketplace. And then, there is also Upwork, which offers much of the same, albeit in an entirely different manner.

Both are good, but they serve different purposes.

Now, I wrote a whole post on Upwork vs. Fiverr, but if I had to boil down the differences for this little paragraph here, I’d say Fiverr is a bit less formal, maybe?

I mean, that could mean Fiverr is cheaper? It was started as a $5/job only marketplace, which was really cool. But really, you can probably spend as much or as little on Upwork, now.

So, I guess it more points to the fact that you just go to the site or app, and you’re on your way, and could have a book ghostwriter working to create something for you in a matter of minutes.

To get there, all you have to do is look through the available options, check prices and offerings (some writers charge different amounts based on word counts and other factors). It’s basically just like the online retail shopping experience, except you’re shopping for a ghostwriter and their services.

To contrast that with Upwork, if you wanted to find a freelance writer to help you out, the process is quite a bit different, with the bulk of the work falling on you to attract the eye of the provider.

Meaning, you’d have to create the job posting, post it, wait for people to bid on it, read through the bids, and then make a selection.

Now, it’s not that bad or tedious; it’s just a different approach.

In the end, if you’re looking for a ghostwriter for your children’s books and story ideas, you have options.

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