‘Twas the Night Before Bizmas: Turning eCommerce Anxiety into Excitement with Fiverr’s Team of Elves

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‘Twas the night before Bizmas, and through the office slash home,
Biz Owner couldn’t sleep, an anxious mind left to roam.
The website was live, built years ago with care,
In hopes that spendy shoppers would forever be there.

The products nestled in boxes—packed, sealed, and shut tight,
Just waiting to be purchased as they sat through the night.
But Biz Owner under covers, wide awake in her bed,
A million different business needs danced in her head.

The website was built, yes, but was looking quite dated;
The mobile design lacked gusto, product photos pixelated;
The site copy was poor, stuffed with keywords, and stale;
Her ads were not working, nobody opening email.

She was only one person; her team helpful but small,
Another Bizmas season soon gone by the end of it all;
If only there was a way for a quick talent boost,
To increase her site traffic and triple work produced.

Then just before dozing, there arose a big thought,
She sprang to explore what her mind had just brought.
Away to the computer, she flew like a flash,
Quickly opening her browser to an email she trashed.

The message was from a stranger, the monitor gave a glow,
It said “I can help with your website, just please let me know.”
When Biz Owner received it, she paid it no mind,
To vet a complete stranger? There surely wasn’t the time.

But there must be a service to improve this type of thing,
A ready pool of trusted talent that could make her biz sing.
They’d collab and connect, and work virtually together,
All in the name of growth and sales getting better.

Biz Owner was now wide awake, her mind wheels still turning,
Only this time with excitement; her thoughts now less burning.
Back to the laptop, she performed a search and a click
Her wondering eyes scanning thoughtfully, yet darting and quick.

The website soon loaded with profile pictures galore;
Her eyes were still scanning, her jaw on the floor.
She knew in a moment this must be the answer,
It was called Fiverr, and it was packed with freelancers.

On, PHOTOGRAPHER! On VA, and friendly DEV (named Joe)!
There was someone for every need, affordable help there just waiting.
Each with bios, work samples, and skill and job ratings.

There, in a twinkling, so many options and faces,
Her mind prancing and dancing, she was off to the races.
Biz Owner just kept clicking, going through each of her needs,
She was full steam ahead like a powerful steed.

Web designers were aplenty, from WordPress to Wix,
Testers and UXers to guide what to fix.
Copywriters galore—different specialties and strengths,
For product descriptions and projects of all different lengths.

To help her build traffic, there were marketers of all kinds,
Search experts, SEO wizards, and promotional minds.
She might even now be able to try something new,
Like PR or a video—there was so much to do!

And oh all the ways to keep users coming back,
Retargeting was something she’d love to attack.
Lead gen and email marketing are new things to start,
To connect with the many who abandon their cart!

Build a community? Fiverr also has managers for that,
Who live and breathe social in every format.
Posting and interacting has always been such a chore,
But with talent so accessible, It’s all possible, and more.

Fiverr had it all, and it was all that she needed,
A helper for every task until work is completed.
A bundle of top talent around every corner,
Help make cold sleepless nights just feel a bit warmer.

Biz Owner floated to bed with a new team clicks away,
Excited and eager to start the next day.
Her eyes closed easy, no more worries in sight,
Happy Bizmas to all, and to all a good night.

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