What Kind of Blog Should I Start?

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Don’t worry—It’s really not as hard of a question as you might think. Actually, it’s probably not the question you should be asking in the first place.

Instead, regardless of what the rest of this post might say, begin here:

What do you enjoy? And/or, what are you good at?


Because blogging is a grind. Even if you only wrote one blog post per week, the first one might be a breeze, the second might still relatively easy to get out, but over time, production can get tough.

With that in mind, here are a few tips when it comes to choosing the kind of blog you should write. While you don’t have to check all of these boxes, the magic really happens when everything aligns.

Tip: Start a Blog About Something That is Sustainable

Example Blog Type: Personal Experience Blog

As mentioned, when you’re blogging about something you’re interested in or personally invested in, the words come easy; it’s sustainable. It’s like, when you excitedly and crazily spew on and on about your love for baseball cards to friends on the rare occasion they ask about them. The blog is your opportunity to crazily spew!


OK, maybe not quite the same, but the point is, you could go on and on about those topics in which you’re personally invested. And you can do so every time the opportunity comes about.

An example of how to put this into action is through a personal experience blog, where you’re writing about a particular journey you’ve set out to explore.

So, if it is really going to be a blog about baseball cards, perhaps it’s the journey from not owning a single card, to owning 100,000 of them; or, your quest to own all cards ever printed of a single player.

On a more serious note, it can be a personal challenge you set out to overcome, like a weight loss goal, or a particular parenting hurdle you want to take your readers through.

Anyway, the cool thing with a blog is that you don’t have to wait for anyone to ask about the things you enjoy. You might not rely so much on search traffic, and instead build a following from those who might be experiencing a similar journey.

In the end, a big difficult piece in keeping the content flowing is topic generation…when you’re writing about something you personally want to write about, that means you do it with your own free will; perhaps you do it in your free time, and you do it often.

It’s sustainable, or at least the chances of you sustaining content production are much greater than compared to what might happen if tackling a topic you didn’t hold near and dear.

Tip: Start a Blog on Something That Doesn’t Require Much Extra Effort

Example Blog Type: Instructional Blog

Along the same lines, one key to content generation is repurposing—a blog turns into social fodder, which turns into email content, and on and on.

Well, the ultimate content repurposing comes from blogging about something you’re already doing in your life as a hobby, passion, work, or side project. Meaning, it’s the thinking of blogging as a documenting of sorts, where you make it a point to take photos and write about where you’re already spending your time.

Speaking from personal experience, I recently wrote a kids book. The process was cool and fun—and made a perfect topic for a blog post since it was something I had already poured time into, something I learned from, and something I knew others were wondering about and searching about themselves (as it pertained to using Canva to illustrate and publish on KDP, specifically).

And really, this Rent My Words blog is one big instructional guidebook documenting how I found success as a freelance writer…because that’s something I did everyday for a time, and something I still do a lot now.

Combining this point with the first tip mentioned above, I enjoy sharing my freelance writing story, and, it’s something I’m doing anyway, so I’m not having to put in a ton of extra effort to find topics to write about.

Tip: Start a Blog on Something You Might Be Able to Monetize

Example Blog: Revenue Generating Blog/Affiliate Blog

Yes, as just mentioned…hopefully all of these things align, and the things you enjoy doing become the things you can blog about, and are also the things others might actually compensate you in exchange for your time and effort.

Because really, there is nothing more invigorating than connecting with your readers. This might come in the form of a simple comment on a blog you write, or even a heartfelt email.

It’s validation, really. And it makes you want to do more. Importantly, it makes you want to get to the bottom of what your readers truly want. What are the questions they’re asking? What are the hurdles they’re encountering?

This all circles back to topic generation, and helps keep the wheels turning. Writing about the things you enjoy makes writing flow easily. Writing about things you’re doing gives you the basis for a lot of potential content.

And now, writing about something others will enjoy means you’ll most likely get feedback from those same people—the good feedback will keep you energized, and the general feedback will allow for you to learn about the other things readers care for.

It’s not something to take lightly, either. If you’re providing tips and resources for people to overcome their challenges, they’re seeking a spark, or just a door crack to be able to walk through.

And while I’m all for freely sharing content, blogging isn’t cheap! And I’m talking about your time and money. It might take hours to get a single post up from start to finish. And then, thinking about all of the associated costs, from domain name registration, SSL, hosting, tools, and much more…it adds up.

The mention of costs isn’t meant to scare you away, but to provide the inspiration to find ways to monetize your writing so that you can in fact keep blogging.

Again, Blog About What You Want…and Then Some

It’s going to be really easy to chase the big flashy blog theme and direction. But that’s the thing…it’s easy to chase, but not easy to duplicate.

That’s certainly not to say that it can’t be done, but when it comes to simply getting started, I’d aim for sustainability before all else, and then venture into more competitive and challenging waters.

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