I’m Ryan, owner of Rent My Words, and…not a “writer.”

That’s my thing. I’m just a guy. I enjoyed writing, so thought I could “do it on the side” to make some extra income.

Relatively quickly, I went from zero experience to my first job, to my first 50 jobs, to about 150 jobs. Again, just a regular person, not a “professional” writer by any stretch, but someone who liked writing and felt they were good enough to make a dent.

Today, I’m here to tell others about my experiences – first writing, then SEO, and now both – and what I’ve learned. While I could go on and on, one of the biggest mistakes I made early was over-analyzing the entire freelancing process, and simply not moving forward; not trying anything at all.

Once I did get moving, though, I found all one might really have to do is be different, and “do the opposite” of what is already out there; to be you instead of the “you” you think clients want.

Simple enough, right? Nowhere there am I saying you must be the absolute best, most polished.


So, yes, Rent My Words is a website in a world of millions of websites; and one of many freelance-focused websites. Thus, maybe you won’t find thousands of blog posts here, but you might find something different.

What’s that mean? Some examples:

  • There isn’t a course to sell you, yet. Just good knowledge readily-available for consumption.
  • Upwork and Fiverr are suggested as good places to start as a freelancing beginner, which might not be popular opinion.
  • Tutorials that cut to the chase and deliver quick answers.

So, please enjoy. Feedback is welcome, and feel this business and site will ultimately be nothing if I don’t solicit your feedback, both in terms of what your biggest challenges are, and how I’m addressing those challenges through content.