Guide to the Best Canva Cursive Fonts

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Sometimes, availability can be a bit debilitating, right? Meaning, Canva has so much to offer in each one of its pockets, you can easily find yourself spending 10 minutes choosing the best looking snowflake for your holiday card.

I typically find myself being swallowed up by this when it comes to choosing a font. I mean, everything looks good on the preview drop-down, and even when I find something I like, I have to exhaust all of the options!

Anyway, I thought it would be useful to identify those fonts I feel work really well with different designs. And, not being a professional designer myself, I take the clues that Canva and others are giving me through their own creations.

Canva Cursive Fonts

So, here are the best cursive fonts you can find on Canva. While some are only available with a Canva Pro membership, you can grab a free trial for 30 days! Plus, did you know you can upload fonts to Canva? You know, just in case the fonts that follow fail to do something for you.

Humble Hearts

Simple and clean is how I like my cursive. There is a time and a place for writing and words that are barely legible, but those times are rare in my opinion. So, I love Humble Hearts, and especially with the neon text effect finish.

Carlsons Script

Some of the feedback I’ve heard about why people might not prefer cursive fonts is that it’s all too thin and one-note. Well, if that’s you, Carlsons Script breaks the mold, and provides a much thicker yet still clean and flowing cursive option.


There are two kinds of holiday-carders—one that wants to celebrate the traditional cuddle up by the fire type of feel, and the other more about the party and get together. Both are great! Brusher suits the latter, and for the former…

Pinyon Script

There it is, Pinyon Script. I don’t really need to say more than what is already stated above. If this font doesn’t fit your classic holiday need then I’m not sure what will.

Great Vibes

Ok, I just couldn’t help myself—I see a challenge, I need to meet it. If Pinyon Script doesn’t fit your classic holiday need, then I wasn’t sure what would…until I saw the Great Vibes font. Cursive elegance with swooping accents.


Speaking of holidays and simplicity, is there anything more simple and straightforward then cursive you’d expect to find on a valentine or letter from a loved one? That is the vibe Nickainley delivers.

Playlist Script

Playlist Script is probably my go-to default cursive font for many occasions, but have seen it work particularly well on save the dates, baby shower invites, and anything wedding or baby related, really. For something similar, see the Selima font.

Mr. Dafoe

If you’re not a pro designer and you’re looking for a clean and easy pop, one of the simplest things you can do in my opinion is to pair a cursive font with a non-cursive bold. It just flows. Mr. Dafoe is an awesome cursive candidate for this. For something similar, see Yellowtail.


Plain and simple—if you need a neon glow, the Moontime font in Canva is your script. I mean, any time a font is named as something that shares the characteristic or vibe that the font gives off, it’s a good sign that it’s the best font for the job.

Herr Von Muellerhoff

Speaking of fonts resembling their names…does it get any more elegant than this? Even though you’re just typing words out by pecking at the keyboard, Herr Von Muellerhoff makes it feel as if you’re personally penning every brush stroke.

Bukhari Script

Sometimes I fall into the thinking of, does font choice really matter? Aren’t they all the same and pretty universal? And then I see something like Bukhari Script and immediately change my thinking to, if you need a “that’s all folks” vibe, this one single font is the best font.


I really don’t know what to say about Sarina other than I just like it. I’d say it would work best on its own as a statement rather than within a paragraph of similar text. Of course, there is the 80s Miami vibe that is tough to not love.


Last but not least, a crowd pleaser in Lobster. Every time I see this font I’m inspired to create something. Logo, t-shirt; start a restaurant, anything. It just makes me want to put it in on something. Thoughts?

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