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To put an image into a circle in Canva, simply go to “frames” and choose your circular frame and place it on the page. Then, find your photo and drag it into the circle. Once the image is inside the circle, you can double-click and then shift which part of the image you want displayed inside the circle. Here is the tutorial: How to put an image into a circle in Canva (circular crop).  

Removing the background from a photo in Canva is easy, however, you must be a Canva Pro member. Once you’ve upgraded, you simply select your photo and then go to “effects.” Then, click the “remove background” button and Canva will remove the background in a matter of seconds. Here is the tutorial: How to remove background in Canva.

To highlight text in Canva, you must create a colored rectangle to serve as your highlighted portion. Unilke most word processors or other design tools, you can’t just simply highlight the text and choose to highlight. On one hand, you actually have more freedom with your highlights. Here is the tutorial.


To create thin lines in Canva, the process can be a little tedious. Rather than simply being able to choose a line’s thickness from a dropdown, you must first manually click and drag to your desired thickness, and then click and drag again to your desired length: How to create thin lines in Canva.

To put a white border around a design in Canva, all you need is a transparent shape, typically a rectangle that is equipped with a border, which you make white. Here is how: Putting a white border around a Canva design.

Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month, per “team member” (person).

You can get the premium version of Canva, formerly known as Canva for Work, and currently known as Canva Pro for free for 30 days through this free trial.

The only way to make your background transparent when exporting in Canva is to subscribe to their Pro or Enterprise memberships. Here is how you can go about doing so once you’ve upgraded: How to make a transparent background in Canva.

The only way to upload fonts in Canva is to subscribe to their Pro or Enterprise memberships. Once subscribed, check out this post or the video below with instructions on how to upload a font to Canva.

To retrieve paid images on Canva, create a new design and then navigate to and click “folders” located in the left panel. Then click “purchased” to find the images you’ve already purchased.

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