Moontime Font in Canva & What You Can Create With It

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While Canva is great for its many design elements, some of the nicest features at your disposal are the many handwritten fonts. In particular, Moontime has become a featured favorite among creators, not only as one of the best cursive fonts in Canva, but one of the best fonts in general, and for good reason.

This hand-written script provides a nice touch of elegance to portfolios. Paired with a photo or main image, Moontime can easily elevate a plain and straightforward layout into one the user is drawn into.

As Canva states in this tweet below, “Moontime is a clever choice for designs, and the perfect font for almost anything you create. Virgos don’t make mistakes, so it’s a match made in heaven.”

For example, the portfolio example below is nothing more than a white background and photo, yet the addition of the Moontime script elevates with that elegance, and does it in a way that not many scripts can do.

Given that, Moontime is also a popular choice for event invitations like weddings or galas. It’s classy and formal, while being incredibly welcoming without at all approaching stuffy eliteness.

Moontime seems to be best used as the feature of title, which is why it is found across a number of Instagram posts and templates.

Similarly, here is an example from the Canva Design Challenge:

In fact, Canva has mentioned Moontime as a favorite in their very own creative.

The nice thing about Moontime is that while it looks great in limited use through the examples above, it doesn’t make for a bed sentence script, either, and especially when the project calls for it.

What does Moontime pair well with? As mentioned in the video below, Lato is a great choice for the “bold” portion of your title or logo with the “cute” Moontime to tie it all together.

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