How to Upload a Font to Canva [With Video]

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We have to walk before we can run, right? And when it comes to uploading fonts to Canva, there’s an important first step many free users must take before learning how to do so. 

Can You Add Fonts to Canva?

Yes, you can add fonts to Canva, but the ability only comes with the Canva Pro membership), where you can add custom fonts through your project or directly through your “Brand Kit.”

How to Upload a Font to Canva

  1. Open your project
  2. Select your text area
  3. Click the font dropdown
  4. Click “Upload a font” at the bottom of the list
  5. Click “Upload a new font” from your brand kit page
  6. Select your font (make sure it’s the font file and not the zipped folder)

Again—good news! Canva offers the ability for users to import their own custom fonts into Canva. (Well, it’s good news if you’re a Canva pro member.) And, even better news, it’s pretty darn easy.

Here is a video:


Yes, it’s really that simple. Now instead of having to find an Arial alternative in Canva or scour for Canva font equivalents, you can upload the exact font!

But, in any case, here is a more detailed explanation in case you don’t yet have the font you want to upload. 

Minecraft Font Example

For example, let’s say you’re creating a Minecraft project and want a matching font. You’d simply go to a site like and find the matching font, in this case, the “Minecrafter Font” and then download. Once downloaded, unzip the folder and make sure you have the font file ready. Then, follow the steps above!

Need even more details? Here you go:

Open your project and select the text area for which you want to change the font.

Canva project and font box

Click “Upload a font” from the font dropdown (bottom of the list):

uploaded font in canva list

This will take you to your brand kit page, where you’ll now click “upload a new font” under the “uploaded fonts” section:

canva brand kit

Select your font (make sure it’s the actual font file and not the zipped folder) and upload!

canva custom font upload progress bar

Go back to your project and refresh the page…you’ll now see your newly updated font!

uploaded font in canva list

Alternatively, you can skip steps 1-4 and go directly to the brand kit page here.

How to Add Custom Fonts to Canva Mobile App?

You can’t, unfortunately. Not sure how many of you have fonts stored on your phone, anyway, or really want to go through the trouble. Some things aren’t mobile friendly, and this is one of them.


However, if you go to on your mobile browser (rather than the app), it looks like you can get as far as uploading a file! Again, I’m not sure of the ins and outs of getting a font file on your phone, but if you can, you can give it a shot through the mobile browser.

Or, just pay $5 or so for someone on Fiverr or source talent on Upwork to create whatever it is you need for you. I’ve definitely swallowed my pride a few times and just hired a freelancer for quick turnaround, and often receiving something better than I could have done myself.

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