Does Wordtune Work for Word?

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Because Wordtune is mainly a Chrome browser extension, it does not work with Microsoft Word. With that said, a tool like Grammarly does in fact work with Word via a downloadable add-in, so one could reasonably expect Wordtune to try and do the same. Until then, consider a workaround like the one that follows below.

Use Wordtune with Google Sheets

One such work around for this is to just use Google docs. First, grab the Chrome browser extension. Then, once installed, simply start writing and put Wordtune to the test.

And for a quick shortcut to creating new docs—did you know you can simply go to your browser URL bar and type in “” and you’ll automtically be redirected to a brand new Google Doc? The same trick works for sheets ( and slides (

Does Wordtune Offer Discounts?

Wordtune offers a 40% discount on both annual and monthly plans for student and educators. You’ll need a working and valid academic email address and you must be currently enrolled in or working at an academic institution. Be sure to check out the Wordtune website for additional details.

How About Grammarly? Can it be Used with Word?

As mentioned above, Grammarly can be used with Word, so if you need a writing tool and don’t want to bother at all with Google Docs, the full support article on how to get Grammarly for Microsoft Word can be found here, but I’ll summarize below.

If you’re on a mac like me, go to You’ll want to click the downloaded file and then simply follow the prompts to install. If you’re curious, Grammarly Premium is not free for students.

When installed, open a Microsoft Word document. This can be an already existing document with words or a brand new document on which you’ll be typing. You should now see the floating Grammarly tool eagerly awaiting to help you out.

Wait, What is Grammarly Editor?

You might have also seen mention of Grammarly Editor, which is actually different than Grammarly for Windows or Mac. Basically, if you’re wanting to use Grammarly with native apps and websites, downloading it for Windows or Mac is probably your best bet.

On the other hand, if you’d rather not download anything nor would you like to use a browser-based word processor, you might want to give Grammarly Editor a shot.

According to the Grammarly Editor User Guide:

“The Grammarly Editor combines a web-based editor where you can create, upload, and edit your documents, an account center where you can manage your account and subscription, and an app center where you can download other Grammarly product offerings.”

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