Ultimate Guide to Canva Font Equivalents

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Of everything Canva offers, fonts always seem to be the biggest topic of conversation. From uploading your own fonts to finding equivalents to suit your project, it’s not a perfect process, but it’s at least one that’s available and more than suitable (especially in light of everything else the design platform has to offer).

Today we are looking at which fonts you know and love – and expect to find in Canva – can be replaced with close and near identical equivalents. While we’ve already talked about finding an Arial font in Canva, let’s dive into that and a lot more. We’ll start with the most popular fonts in the world, while adding in others from pop culture, TV, movies, and more.

FontCanva Equivalent
ArialArielle or Arimo
BaskervilleLibre Baskerville
BemboEB Garamond
BodoniBodoni FLF
CambriaDroid Serif
DidotGFS Didot
Franklin GothicSource Sans Pro
FrutigerOpen Sans
FuturaJosefin Sans
GaramondEB Garamond
MyriadOpen Sans
SabonCrimson Pro
Times New RomanTimes Neu Roman
VerdanaPT Sans

Finding Other Font Equivalents

If you have a font not on this list that you’d like to find an equivalent for, here are a couple of things to try. One, simply search for the font in Canva. If the font isn’t an option, you might see a message like this as I did with Bembo.

Another option I’ve found useful is checking Twitter. Given organizations are much more responsive to service questions on social media, many people turn to Twitter to ask about a particular font. Here is an example about finding that Arial replacement.

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