Chalk-Like Fonts on Canva

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Newsflash—Canva has hundreds of built-in fonts making it easier than ever to craft one-of-a kind projects with just a few clicks. (Not to mention the very easy ability to add your own fonts to Canva as well).

Before we get into the fonts, here’s a tip to create a realistic chalkboard-looking project on Canva:

What makes a great chalk-like font? It’s one that uses strokes and fills to create a smudgy, unpredictable pattern. Chalk-like fonts are great for back-to-school projects, party invitations, and more!

Use a dark background, such as black, or even a photo of a real chalkboard, and then choose white as the font color to overlay on top of the dark background. It’s the transparency of these fonts that will make a lasting visual impact on a dark background.

Here are 12 chalk-like fonts that will make your Canva projects extra special.

Six Hands Chalk

This script, chalk-like font has raw curvy edges making the font look like real hand lettering! This font would be great for food and beverage menus or party invitations.

Permanent Marker

Looking for something with a chunkier typeface? Permanent marker has rough, natural lines, but is a bolder, Uppercase font. This font would be great for posters.


This elegant font uses strokes and fills to create a delightful hand-lettered vibe. This Canva font would be a beautiful addition to baby shower invitations or a wedding stationery suite.


Wedding invitations designed on Canva would be made complete with this chalk-like script. It has a thicker line but is a beautiful hand-lettered option.

Cabin Sketch

This raw whiteboard and chalkboard-like font would be a great addition to projects such as Canva explainer videos or posters.

Crafty Girls

Have a craft project in mind? This script font has a natural folksy feel making it ideal for craft projects, such as labels and product inserts.

Finger Paint

This homey, and slightly scratchy, sans-serif font would be perfect for back-to-school announcements or teaching materials designed on Canva.


This exclusively uppercase font is a little wonky, which is why it makes the perfect chalk-like font for your party invitations on Canva.

Hertical Texture

This texture-filled uppercase font is a sans serif typeface that would be great for educational worksheets designed on Canva.

Into Rust G Baseline

With a stroke and textured fill this uppercase, sans-serif font would be a fun addition to creative projects on Canva.

Rustic Printed Stamp

This font is rustic and sleek. The sans serif typeface features irregular fills making the font look similar to chalk letters on a chalkboard. Use this font for birthday invitations on Canva.


Last, this handwritten style font is an exclusive uppercase font that is both chalk-like and minimalistic. This sleek font would be great for social media graphics.

Use these fonts on Canva to create a unique, one-of-a-kind chalkboard-like project.

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