Trading Card Logo Design Ideas for Breakers & Shops

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Did you know I also have a baseball card blog? So yes, besides being passionate about writing, digital marketing, Canva, and more, I absolutely love those little pieces of cardboard.

So with that said, I noticed a lot of other bloggers, card shops, and various card-related outlets are in big need of a design refresh, starting with their logo and overall branding. Thus, I thought I could bring all of my passions and interests under one roof with this blog, and present some ideas.

Below you’ll see a number of trading card logo ideas, all of which are basic Canva logo templates, and some of which might require a paid membership to fully access. That said, Canva does offer a free 30-day trial, so if you’re serious about any of these options, I’d suggest taking advantage.

It’s also important to note you shouldn’t just take these logo templates and plop your name on top of them and call it a day. One, these templates are available to anyone, so it’d be reasonable to assume someone else is already using many if not all of these.

In addition, though, there are also a number of details surrounding content licenses and using Canva for commercial purposes. There are also points to consider if trademarking is a concern.

All that said, let’s take a look!

Stars & Stripes

One common theme you’ll see with many of the trading card logos on Canva is stars and stripes. Of course, there isn’t anything more American than baseball can apple pie, right? So, a diamond background filled in with red, white, and blue is always a nice, patriotic touch to the game we all know and love.

To take it a different direction, you can always create a similar design and use your own branded colors if you didn’t want red, white, and blue.

Going retro is a fun direction with trading cards given so much of the love that is wrapped up in the hobby is rooted in nostalgia and that “back in the day” feeling. Achieving that groovy design is also easier than you think, too, given there are a number of groovy fonts on Canva, and the designs themselves revolve around basic imagery or silhouettes, as shown below.


Boys of Summer

You think about anything baseball, you think sunshine and the whole idea of the boys of summer getting after it as their teams grind under the hot sun for a playoff spot. So, the summer sunshine look and feel plays well in any baseball-related logo, trading cards included. It also offers a bit of nostalgia – which can be helped by a baseball font, too – and which many card collectors recognize and appreciate.


Other times, it’s cool and eye-catching to be a bit more subtle by combining your trading card handle or shop name with some type of sports element. In the examples below, you can easily read “Cactus” but the transformation of the “T” into a football goal post is a nice touch. With non-sports trading cards, you can have a lot of fun with wizardly outlines and the like.

Classic Crossed Bats

If you close your eyes and imagine a baseball trading card logo, besides flaming fastballs, crossed bats probably floated across your mind. It’s such a classic design, and as you can see below, one that could be molded into a number of different shape-based logos from circles, to squares, and more.

Leaving more than enough room for your shop or brand name, tagline, and more, these aren’t for the minimalist at heart.

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