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How to Delay Animation in Canva

March 3, 2024 Rent My Words

To delay animation in Canva, click the desired element and then click the “animate” button. Choose your desired animation style (rise, pan, wipe, etc.) and then adjust the “speed.” Importantly, adjusting the speed and delaying […]

Canva Tutorials

Using the Cartoon Effect on Canva

October 22, 2022 Rent My Words

Yes, there is a cartoon effect on Canva! You simply need to add a photo, and with the photo selected, click “Edit image.” Scroll all the way down and click on “Prisma.” If you haven’t […]

Canva Tutorials

How to Make a Tint of a Color

September 13, 2022 Rent My Words

When you’re not a designer, everything can easily sound complicated. For me, that complication came down to not having an easy-to-use tool to help me get hands-on experience and practice. Well, once again, Canva is […]