Groovy Canva Fonts for Your Next Retro Project

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Nothing says party fun like groovy nostalgia that was the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. I bet if you close your eyes right now, you can already see a lot of what we’ll be talking about below. Even though many of us weren’t alive when the term hit peak popularity, groovy is a term that has stood the test of time, and is the go-to word to describe all that was excellent and fashionable only a few decades ago.

Before jumping in, remember that a font is what you make of it. So, whether it’s any of these groovy fonts, sport fonts, food fonts, or something else entirely, the fonts on their own might not fit the feel. So, be sure to include the right colors and elements. (More on this below!)

And last, if you already have a groovy font in mind but don’t see it here, can’t find a Canva equivalent, or even on the platform at all, you can in fact add your own fonts to Canva.

Gulfs Display

Perfect for a disco and shiny lights, Gulfs Display is the perfect font to get the party started. While some groovy fonts are more laid back and chill, Gulfs Display is definitely on the fun side of the spectrum, helping you and your event attendees to dance the night away.


Speaking of laid back, Genty is all that and a bag of sunflower seeds. Simply and flowing, the Genty font moves with the breeze at a slightly slanted and bubbly look and feel. You can’t help but look at this one and crave a deep breath of fresh air…and tell me that “y” isn’t smiling at you.


If you like the smooth grooves of Genty above, then I’ll bet you’ll like the bold and beautiful Kare. IT just feels like a font that gets things done, doesn’t it? If this groovy font collection needed an appointed leader, I feel Kare would be the first to raise its hand, and then all the other fonts when dare raise their hand after. Kare’s got this.


Believe it or not, when it comes to retro and groovy fonts, Gliker is a part of most of those conversations. You might not be able to tell from this image alone, but it’s an amazing font for animation and fun-filled graphics alike.

To showcase that side of it, here is an additional example. While this and other creations might not be from Canva, they still do a great job featuring the Gliker font and putting it in a situation to flourish.

Lucky Bones

Lucky Bones feels familiar, and similar to a few groovy Canva fonts already mentioned, but still stands on its own. Less formal thanks to its “lumpier” look and feel, Lucky Bones is truer to its name than perhaps any others above and below. What’s that? You didn’t notice how boney this font was? Look at that “vy.”

Lucidity Condensed

Perhaps the least-groovy font showcased, but still groovy enough to make a strong push for your next throwback project. More formal than the other fonts with its bold and straight lines, I can easily see Lucidity Condensed across the front of a retro t-shirt.


Last but certainly not least, the grooviest font of them all – looking like it just spilled right out of a lava lamp – Nectarine! Of course, it’s hard for any font to not look groovy when glowing and plastered across that highly-recognizable happy face.

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