Disney-Inspired Fonts on Canva

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Unfortunately, there is no Disney font on Canva. That is, there is no font that looks like the scripted “Disney” you’re used to seeing everywhere, including what is shown below.

That said, you can import your own fonts to Canva, not to mention there are a handful of creative workarounds to achieve the Disney look you’re seeking.

Why? Kids and adults alike dream about the magical experience that is Disney, whether it is the parks, movies or live experiences, we can all agree that there is something delightful about it all.

So first, we have collected a number of the most spectacular fonts on Canva that remind us of some of our favorite Disney movies or experiences. These fonts bring forth the essence of some of our beloved movies and characters, and are perfect for your themed projects.

Cinzel Decorative

Save yourself from walking the plank! Use Cinzel Decorative as the font for your Pirates of The Caribbean Canva projects. This old-world serif will help you find the treasure you’re seeking.

Gochi Hand

While Canva doesn’t have a true Disney font, this is probably the closest you’re going to get in terms of pure Disney look and feel. Best for “Mickey”-based projects, Gochi Hand offers the playful, big white glove look you’d expect to find in the old ToonTown.

Adam Script Heavy

This font is the perfect design to evoke the sounds of revving engines and burning rubber, taking you right to a scene from Cars. The curve of the lowercase “r” is what makes this font the perfect match for speedway-themed projects.

Libre Baskerville

This serif font has us singing “Hakuna Matata.” Libre Baskerville is a modern, traditional serif with strokes that make this perfect for a Lion King creation.


Don’t sleep on this font! Brasika swoops and swirls with thick and chunky letters, evoking the mystical fairytale of both good and evil in Sleeping Beauty. Use this font for your princess-filled projects.

HK Modular

The futuristic typeface of HK Modular takes us on a journey with WALL-E as we determine the future of mankind. There’s no junk in this font! Use HK Modular for your robotic projects.

Obra Letra

Experience the magical swirls and swashes with this Disneyland inspired font. Use this iconic font to make your knightly dreams come true.


Simple and unassuming, yet familiar feeling like an old classic. Am I describing the font or the movie, Brave? Either way, with Reborn, you can have all of that and more.

Cubao Wide

This high-tech, heavy block letter type will take care of your Big Hero Canva projects. The future is yours to create! (Speaking of future, this one is great for Star Wars Canva font projects as well.)


Put your hands in the air and get ready for a space-themed adventure. Squartiqa is a great font for Space Mountain themed projects in Canva.

Germania One

I don’t do rollercoasters, so I’ve always loved the Matterhorn because it’s a ride I can actually enjoy! Thanks to Germania One, you can easily create something with a similar look and feel.


Blanka is a script font engineered to look like something that stepped out of the future. Adding an outline effect highlights the clipping edges of this fantasy, Tron like font.

Brick Sans

Jump into the arcade and play a game with the typeface Brick Sans. The pixelated edges of this block, sans serif font make it a winning move for your Wreck it Ralph Canva projects.

Berkshire Swash

Using the font Berkshire Swish will create a whole new world of possibilities! The slab swoosh, and magical curves, specifically in the letter d make this font the perfect match for your Aladdin Canva projects.

Need something else entirely? Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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