12 Best Star Wars Fonts on Canva

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The action-packed storytelling of Star Wars can easily get everyone in the family excited, no matter the age. I mean, I have a 6-year-old who has never seen a single Star Wars movie, yet is fascinated by the mere sighting of a character at Disneyland.

I mean, how can you not be enthralled with the the pop-culture phenomenon that was introduced us to through plasma-filled lightsaber fights and faster-than-light space travel?

So, in a galaxy far, far away, there are 12 epic fonts that will take your Star Wars project out of this world. And sure, why you can easily upload your own font to Canva to serve a purpose, you need a paid membership to do so, and after that free 30-day trial runs out, where do you turn?

These fantasy-based fonts on Canva remind bring forth the essence of some of our favorite humanoids, droids, and Jedi.

1. Blanka

This futuristic font is modern and force-wielding. The thick lines, with cut-out blocks are a nod to lightsaber energy bolts, making it great for Star Wars projects on Canva.

2. Bernoru

Just like the Dark Lords of Star Wars, the chunky block font of Bernoru is simple in nature but forceful upon impact.

3. Bebea Neue

I love this font, and it just so happens to feel futuristic yet classic, making it perfect for Star Wars projects and the like.

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4. Neue Machina Ultra Bold

This shining star of this font is a good fit for your galactic projects because of the emphasis on the letter “R” in this typeface.

*Star Jedi

And just a reminder, did you know that if you’re using Canva Pro, you can upload your own fonts? Choose the font ‘Star Jedi’ from a website like dafont.com and then upload your custom font into Canva. ‘Star Jedi’ most closely resembles the Star Wars branding.

5. Barabara

Bounty hunter-approved, Barabara. Barabara is a great Star Wars alternative font because it impresses with its unique letter “R” and letter “W.” Both bold and furry.

6. Livvic Bold

Looking for a princess vibe? This typeset has the most similar letter “R” to the Star Wars logo of all the available Canva fonts. Make sure to use the ‘bold’ treatment to this font for that pure Star Wars aesthetic.

7. TAN St. Canard

A naturally heavy and fantasy-filled typeface, Tan St. Canard offers impact and weight!

8. Agrandir Grand

Call this galactic grand. The slight swipe and swoosh of the letter “R” in Agrandir Grand is a good alternative when crafting Star Wars projects in Canva.

9. Cubao Wide

The typeface of Cubao Wide is futuristic and forceful enough to be used for anything Star Wars. Its stamp weight requires no additional treatments for lightspeed impact. It’s also a great one if needing Disney fonts on Canva, specifically Big Hero-related.

10. Horizon

The galaxy’s edge! Horizon is a sans-serif font with a chunky weight and balanced spacing between letters.

11. Archive

Strike with Archive! This font uses white space to create an embellished letter “R” different than our previous Star Wars font options—but the uniqueness of this letter makes it a good option for your projects too.

12. Brice Regular

Brice Regular is a blockbuster hit. Both the letter “S” and letter “R” are unique in this specific typeface and make it an interesting option for your Star Wars Canva projects.

All in all, a ton of great options—not to mention that Canva’s collegiate fonts like Norwester make great Star Wars options as well.

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