Friends-Inspired Fonts on Canva

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The best Friends font on Canva is Linotype Feltpen. It’s not a perfect replacement, but an excellent alternative that should be more than suitable for your upcoming projects.

That’s right, while Friends and other classic TV shows and movies don’t have their fonts in Canva, there always seems to be at least one, if not a few suitable alternatives that could get the job done.

The cool thing is, those who nail their themed designs don’t just rely on the main font, either. That is, they look for other typefaces that can supplement, and that, when taken all together, achieve an all-around “feeling.”

For example, we’ve seen it with Disney, and while there isn’t a single Disney font on Canva, there are plenty of related and Disney-inspired fonts. Meaning, now your project goes from one originally planned to feature the classic Disney font, but now has a close alternative, in addition to fonts that resemble The Lion King, Disney princesses, and Mickey Mouse himself.

So, my point is, again—there isn’t a Friends TV show font on Canva, but there are fonts you not only can use instead, but others that as a whole will create the perfect feeling for any Friends project.

Linotype Feltpen

As mentioned above, my favorite Friends font replacement on Canva is Linotype Feltpen. Of course, it’s not a Friends logo without the circles of different colors between each letter, which when added, creates a more than passable re-creation.

Hyperwave One

While pretty different yet still a suitable alternative, Hyperwave One makes for a good Friends font thanks to its handwritten script and unique accents on key letters like “E” and “D.” It’s probably a little “extra” or edgier, but again, can definitely work depending on the project and audience.

Central Perk

To add an extra Friends element, you can also include a nod to Central Perk, the famous coffee shop where the crew was always hanging out if they weren’t in each other’s apartments.

For this one, we are going to be less exact and really just look for a tall and/or narrow sans-serif for the word “Central.” Some of the more popular examples include:

  • Six Caps
  • Breamcatcher
  • Fatimi
  • Hey Gotcha!
  • Tall
  • Knockout Flyweight

And then on the opposite end, we have “Perk” that is wider and with serifs, but also – and this is key – still has a bit of a handwritten touch and feel. Again, it’s not perfect – or close – but I like Gulfs Display or Fascinate for this.

Anyway, all of this has me thinking that there should be a font called Gunther, but there isn’t. That’s a miss.

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