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Have you heard about Canva’s amazing feature? No, not the ability to upload your own fonts or how to draw freehand. I’m actually talking about something that doesn’t have to do with designing, but rather, printing.

Yes, you can create your own designs and print them directly from the Canva platform. The hassle-free convenience you know and love about all things design from Canva has crossed over into printing.

Plus, Canva Print offers a wide range of products that can be delivered right to your doorstep or picked up in-store. From cool mugs to eye-catching posters, you can bring your ideas to life with ease.

And the best part? Canva is committed to sustainability, so you can enjoy planet-friendly printing all in one place.

Canva print pricing starts as low as $4.60 for some products like baby shower invitations, ranging to $13.50 for business cards, and all the way up to $139.50 for banners. Pricing depends on the product, features, and quantity.

Here is a table showing the pricing breakdown:

(Please note most of what is included in this table is the “starting price” and the actual price for your project might be greater. I’m also working on adding the prices for those products currently listed as “TBD.”

Baby Shower InvitationsCards & Invites$4.60Canva Product Page
BannersMarketing Materials$139.50Canva Product Page
Bound DocumentsDocument & Office$7.50Canva Product Page
Bumper StickersStickers & PackagingTBDCanva Product Page
Business CardsDocument & Office$13.50Canva Product Page
Canvas PrintsPhotobooks & Gifting$42.00Canva Product Page
CoastersPhotobooks & GiftingTBDCanva Product Page
EnvelopesDocument & OfficeTBDCanva Product Page
EnvelopesCards & InvitesTBDCanva Product Page
Floor DecalsMarketing Materials$23.50Canva Product Page
Floor DecalsStickers & Packaging$23.50Canva Product Page
FlyersMarketing Materials$9.00Canva Product Page
Folded CardsMarketing Materials$4.60Canva Product Page
Folded CardsCards & Invites$4.60Canva Product Page
Gift CertificatesPhotobooks & Gifting$5.00Canva Product Page
Gift CertificatesMarketing Materials$5.00Canva Product Page
Gift CertificatesCards & Invites$5.00Canva Product Page
Gift TagsPhotobooks & GiftingTBDCanva Product Page
Gift TagsCards & InvitesTBDCanva Product Page
Greeting CardsCards & Invites$4.60Canva Product Page
Hoodies & SweatshirtsClothing & BagsTBDCanva Product Page
InfographicsDocument & OfficeTBDCanva Product Page
InfographicsMarketing MaterialsTBDCanva Product Page
InvitationsCards & Invites$4.60Canva Product Page
InvoicesDocument & OfficeTBDCanva Product Page
LabelsStickers & PackagingTBDCanva Product Page
LabelsStickers & PackagingTBDCanva Product Page
LetterheadsDocument & Office$20.00Canva Product Page
LetterheadsCards & Invites$20.00Canva Product Page
MousepadsDocument & OfficeTBDCanva Product Page
MousepadsPhotobooks & GiftingTBDCanva Product Page
MugsPhotobooks & GiftingTBDCanva Product Page
NotebooksDocument & Office$23.00Canva Product Page
Paper BagsPhotobooks & Gifting$8.00Canva Product Page
Paper BagsStickers & Packaging$8.00Canva Product Page
Paper BagsClothing & BagsTBDCanva Product Page
PhotobooksPhotobooks & Gifting$20.00Canva Product Page
PlannersDocument & OfficeTBDCanva Product Page
PlannersCards & InvitesTBDCanva Product Page
PostcardsMarketing Materials$9.75Canva Product Page
PostcardsCards & Invites$9.75Canva Product Page
PostersMarketing Materials$11.00Canva Product Page
Rack CardsMarketing Materials$4.80Canva Product Page
ResumeDocument & OfficeTBDCanva Product Page
Retractable BannersMarketing MaterialsTBDCanva Product Page
Rounded Corner Business CardsDocument & Office$13.50Canva Product Page
Rounded Corner Business CardsMarketing Materials$13.50Canva Product Page
Shipping EnvelopesDocument & Office$9.90Canva Product Page
Shipping EnvelopesStickers & PackagingTBDCanva Product Page
Square CardsCards & Invites$4.60Canva Product Page
StickersStickers & Packaging$13.20Canva Product Page
T-ShirtsClothing & BagsTBDCanva Product Page
Thank You CardsCards & Invites$9.75Canva Product Page
Tote BagsClothing & BagsTBDCanva Product Page
Trifold BrochuresMarketing Materials$9.00Canva Product Page
Wall CalendarsDocument & OfficeTBDCanva Product Page
Water BottlesMarketing MaterialsTBDCanva Product Page
Wedding InvitationsCards & Invites$4.60Canva Product Page
Yard SignsMarketing MaterialsTBDCanva Product Page

Pricing Factors

As mentioned, there isn’t an easy way to answer the pricing question, as it is influenced by a variety of factors. The features of the printed product, such as finish and color options, can significantly impact the final price.

Additionally, the type of product being printed, whether it be invitations or banners, can also affect the cost. Finally, the quantity of the order can play a role in determining the price, as larger orders may be eligible for discounts.

The features of a product can have a significant impact on the final price. For example, different finishes, such as glossy or matte, may be available and can affect the cost.

Additionally, the number of colors used can also impact the price, as each additional color requires additional printing processes.

Other features that may affect pricing include paper type, size, and shape. It’s important to consider these features when selecting a printing option, as they can impact both the final cost and the overall quality of the product.

For example, baby shower invitations are only $4.60 for standard paper with a matte finish, but that price increases to $5.30 for premium paper and a gloss finish. Similarly, 50 standard business cards – 240-325 gsm and 13 pt. thickness – will cost $14, while 50 deluxe cards (650 gsm and 32 pt. thickness) will cost $34.


With all of this, what are you paying extra for? Meaning, what is the difference between matte and gloss, or standard and deluxe paper?

There are two big differentiating features: paper stock and paper finish. Note, while these definitions largely mean the same things across different products, they can take on different lives depending on what they’re used for.

Paper Stock

Paper stock refers to the type of paper the project is printed on, and is an essential aspect of any printing project, as it can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the finished product.

Not to mention that it’s also important to consider the intended use of the printed materials. For instance, a brochure or flyer that’s meant to be handed out at a trade show might benefit from a glossy paper stock that makes colors pop and images look sharp.

On the other hand, a business card or letterhead might look more professional on a matte paper stock that’s easy to write on and doesn’t show fingerprints.


For simple and straightforward projects, a light and uncoated “standard” choice is usually preferred. It’s a good quality option, but not quite at the premium or deluxe level. This type of stock is perfect for those who want to keep things basic and no-frills.


Thicker and more durable—great for direct mailing inserts, product info sheets, and pamphlets. It’s a type of paper that is built to last.


This high-quality paper is the thickest option, and is particularly suitable for special events like weddings due to its durability. It can be used to create elegant save the dates, menu cards, and other items.

Paper Finish

Paper finish pertains to the texture of a paper’s surface, which can vary from glossy to matte. This texture can influence how ink or toner adheres to the paper and can also impact the visual appeal of printed materials.


A matte finish is an excellent choice for postcards with text-heavy designs as it has a minimal shine that won’t distort the colors and is easy to write on.


A glossy finish is a type of surface treatment that gives a shiny appearance to the object. It not only enhances the colors and images but also provides protection against damage or wear.

Gloss is particularly suitable for vibrant and colorful designs. For instance, photobooks look great with gloss and can make nice display pieces.


Uncoated paper has a natural texture that results in a softer and warmer appearance. Thus, it provides an good surface for writing and is particularly well-suited for creating a handcrafted aesthetic.

Soft Touch

A soft touch finish is a texture that is velvety to the touch, unlike the smooth and shiny finish of gloss or the flat and non-reflective finish of matte. It provides a pleasant tactile experience and is conducive to writing.

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