Canva Black Friday Deals (and Templates)

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When it comes to Black Friday deals, the shopping holiday is certainly better suited for some products and services versus others. For Canva, a relatively low-priced product at $12.95/month along with a free 30-day trial offer, it’s hard to think about what a day of savings could even bring about.

And with Black Friday just right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to look back and see what we can expect from Canva this time around based on the deals, promotions, and savings they’ve rolled out in the past.

Black Friday 2021

It seems as if Canva skipped on offering Black Friday deals in 2021. Does that mean we can expect a change of direction this year, or more of the same? Hard to know!

Black Friday 2020

The day before Black Friday in 2020, Canva rolled out a “Cyber Sale” offering 20% off all print products, along with free delivery.

Canva Black Friday Deal Templates

Now, in the middle of putting this together, it hit me. Maybe you’re not even looking for actual deals on Canva, but Black Friday deal templates? Maybe, maybe not, but here is some inspiration, and some of my favorites.

Instagram Posts

Sleek, square, and stylish, these Instagram templates bring the heat, and can do a ton in terms of pushing people toward some serious shopping.


Or how about a nice site banner to let those who have already made the action to visit your site know even better things await in the form of a Black Friday deal?


Need something a little more attention-grabbing? I mean, there isn’t a more crowded time than Black Friday, right? These videos offer all of the great visuals of the above examples with a little movement to get consumers to stop and take notice.

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