Adding Gradient to Text in Canva

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While Canva is an all-around amazing design tool, much of that falls into text options, and all of the different Canva text effects you can incorporate into your projects. Before we jump into today’s tutorials, here is a summary of my favorite lessons you can find across the site:

As you can see, text in Canva is a hot topic!

And one of the hottest of late is creating gradient text, so let’s get into it.

1. Find Text Frames For Your Project

First off, while it would be nice to have a “gradient” style in your options with selected text, that’s just not the case. Meaning, you can’t simply apply a gradient to your project’s text. The key is that you need to be using text “frames.” That is, specific text images that can be filled with colors and/or images just like other basic shapes.

So, simply go to the “Elements” tab and search for “text frames.” You’ll then see a number of different letters and numbers pop-up like so:

For the sake of this example, I’m going to select a bolder option.

2. Add Letters

Once you found the fillable text frames, start plotting your word or words. Today, I’ll use the word “gradient.” To do so, you need to find a text frame for each letter and them add them one by one to spell your word.

As a quick tip, you might need to resize the letters and if so, you’ll want to wait to do so until all have been added to the canvas. This way you can select them all and drag to the desired size instead of resizing one by one to an estimated similar size.

3. Add Gadient to Letters

Next up, find the gradient you want to add by going back to the “Elements” search and typing “gradient.” You’ll see a number of options, but I like to look to “photos” for the most. You can choose any gradient you’d like by dragging it from the elements tab to each letter. That’s right, you’ll need to drag the gradient to each letter seaparately.

And that’s it! While you don’t have as many options as you would if you could easily add gradient to any Canva font option, between the different letter styles and gradient choices, you have enough to keep you busy!

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