How to Underline Text in Canva

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UPDATE: You can now easily underline text in Canva just as you’d expect to be able to to! Simply select your text, and then go to the “U” symbol in the text options. So, the rest of this blog post is obsolete, but at least now there is an easy way to underline text in Canva. Enjoy!

Here’s the thing, I’ll be honest—you can’t underline text in Canva; well at least not in the traditional, easy, not even a question way you can do in pretty much any other program ever that has a text function.

I’m not bitter. It’s just odd. But, they’ve obviously built a great tool, with features way cooler than text underline, so I’m sure there is good reason.

Anyway, even though you can’t underline text by using a Canva keyboard shortcut like ctrl+u or by simply clicking the friendly U button you’re used to seeing in the top of page toolbar (similar to how you can’t outline text in Canva really either, you have some workaround options.

One option is to use design elements to make it look like the text is underlined, as shown below. Your other option is to just spend $5 and have someone on Fiverr create whatever it is you’re needing for you.

Underlining Text in Canva

To underline text in Canva, you’re going to have to manually add lines underneath the text in order to give the illusion of a true underline. (Check this post out if you need to know how to create thin lines in Canva).

Briefly: open your project and select “elements.” Select the first line option you see to place the line. Then, resize the line to your desired thinness. After that, extend the line to your desired length, like so:

underlining text in Canva gif

For now, that’s the best I can offer! Should underlining text in Canva ever become more of a thing, I’ll gladly update this post with the latest and greatest.

Or, perhaps you know of a better way to go about it! Either way, would love to hear from you in the comments.

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