How to Easily Blur the Background of Any Photo in Canva

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Photos are unpredictable. That’s why we take a picture and then rush to check it out—how do I look, is my hair ok, am I smiling; did I blink?

Imagine if you knew exactly how each photo would turn out every time you took one? While some might wish they could wear the same face and smile in every shot, things would get a bit boring.

But perhaps the most unpredictable – or least prepped for element – of any photo is the background. In a public space, you really have no idea what might be captured, and then at home in private, is there a mess of toys or dirty dishes that made their way into the shot?

Either way, the point is, sometimes you just want to remove all focus from the background. Sure you could remove the background from a photo entirely, or even replace the background with something else, but doing either one could appear a bit odd depending on the situation.

So, what better way to “remove focus” than to blur? Just as easily as adding a filter or different elements to your photo, it’s easy to blur the background as well, thanks to Canva.

(You should know that to complete this tutorial, you’ll need a Canva Pro membership. The bad news is that it is $12.95 per month, but the good news is you can grab a free 30-day trial here. Even better news is, if you want to continue after the trial, you can get 40% cash back through Rakuten right now. Ok, more good news—if you aren’t a Rakuten member, you can get a $20 credit when you sign up with my referral link and spend $20.)

Here is the breakdown, and there is a video at the end if you’d rather view that way!

How to Blur a Photo Background in Canva

1. Add Your Photo to Canva

The first step is to create a new design project and then add your photo.

2. Duplicate the Photo

Then, simply copy and paste your photo so you have two copies, like this.

3. Remove the Background

Select the first photo and then go to “Effects.” Click “Background Remover” and wait a few seconds for the tool to remove the background from your photo.

4. Blur Entire Photo

Then, with the second photo (the one that still has background), select and go to “Adjust.” Then, move the slider bar for “Blur” to an amount greater than zero based on your preference.

5. Add Subject to Blurred Background

Next, grab the subject of the photo from which you removed the background. Then, move it towards your blurred photo. You’ll notice it is placed behind the blurred photo.

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Go to “Position” and then “Forward” to bring the no-background photo on top of the blurred photo.

6. Adjust for Placement

Last, move your subject so that it directly covers the corresponding blurred subject on your blurred photo. So in the example, I’m essentially covering up the blurred dog in the original photo with the non-blurred version I removed from the background.

Hope that helps! Here is the video walkthrough as well:

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