Futura Font Equivalents on Canva

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I’ll be the first to say that Canva has a number of impressive features. In the same breath, I’ve also mentioned that the design platform is also missing some really simple and straightforward tools and abilities you’d expect.

Well, here we go again, the good and the bad! One of the most impressive features of Canva is its vast font library, which includes what must be over 1,000 font options. From modern to traditional, decorative to cursive, Canva has something to suit every design style.

All good.

That said, despite the vast font library, there are still some popular fonts that are not available on Canva. Whether due to licensing restrictions or the fact that some fonts are owned by specific foundries or type designers who have chosen not to make them available on the platform, there are some head-scratchers.

One popular missing font is Helvetica, and while there are close subs, there isn’t an Arial in Canva, either. (You can read about other Canva font equivalents here.) You also won’t find Garamond, Baskerville, or Century Gothic.

And then, of course, the font that brings us here today, Futura—geometric sans-serif font that was first designed in the 1920s, has been used in countless designs, movie posters, album covers, advertising campaigns, and more.

Despite its popularity and widespread use, Futura is not available on Canva.

Now, before your tears hit your keyboard, it’s important to remember that Canva still has an extensive collection of fonts to choose from. Not to mention that Canva allows users to upload their own fonts, which means that if you ever have something specific that you need for your design (or similar), you can upload it to Canva and use it in your project.

Overall, while there may be some popular fonts missing from Canva, the platform’s design tools and customization options allow users to create unique and professional-looking designs even without the most commonly used fonts.

That said, if you absolutely want Futura, or a close substitute, at least, check out these options.


One good substitute for Futura in Canva is Montserrat, which is also a geometric sans-serif font, and thus similar to Futura in terms of its clean lines and modern aesthetic. Montserrat is a popular choice for web design and branding.

In fact, Montserrat is used by a number of well-known brands across various industries. Little known fact thanks to Wikipedia, Montserrat is the official font for documentation, presentations, and publicity for the Government of Mexico.

TT Norms

TT Norms is another modern sans-serif font that is similar to Futura in its geometric shapes and clean lines, though probably lesser-known than most of the other fonts on this list.

TT Norms is known for its legibility, even at smaller sizes, which makes it a popular choice for web design and mobile apps. The font has a modern and minimalist aesthetic that is perfect for brands looking to convey a clean and contemporary image.


Also in the running is Nunito, a modern sans-serif font that has a clean and elegant design, with rounded edges that give it a more friendly and approachable feel than Futura.

It seems that Nunito is a great font for apps, personal branding, and more.


Lato is a font you’ve probably heard of, as the popular sans-serif font is known for its clean and modern design, and has a similar geometric structure to Futura, but with slightly more curved lines.

If you’re in the corporate world, it might look a little familiar. As for brands using Lato, Slack is among the biggest.

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a clean and elegant sans-serif font that has a similar geometric structure to Futura, but with slightly narrower shapes.

You won’t hear this often, but the font was in the news recently, as NPR recently announced a change in their fonts:

“The fonts and typefaces used on NPR.org, digital properties, and our brand guidelines are changing to ‘Lato’ and ‘Source Sans Pro,’” NPR wrote.”

You can read the story here.


Last, Roboto is a neo-grotesque sans-serif font that has a clean, modern style that makes it a popular choice for app design and UI design.

Roboto is used by many popular brands, including some of the biggest:

“Roboto is the default font on Android, and since 2013, other Google services such as Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps,[5] and Google Images.”

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