3 Best Free Door Hangers in Canva (and How to Make Your Own)

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If you’ve ever been “hung up” on how to make a statement right at the doorstep, you’re in the right place. Door hangers are the first impression, the initial greeting, and sometimes, the cheeky “Do Not Disturb” sign after a long night.

But what truly makes a door hanger stand out from the “knock-offs”?

Is it the design, the message, or perhaps the puns that make you chuckle? Let’s “swing” into the elements that make a door hanger not just good, but “door-mazing”!

To create a door hanger in Canva, simply search “door hanger” from the home screen search box. Then, select the template that best suits your needs. From there, you can add, subtract, and edit elements to your liking. That said, since there aren’t many options to choose from, I’ve handpicked the best options for you. I’ve listed them below with links and what makes them great.

1. Wedding Door Hanger Do Not Disturb Sign

The “Wedding Door Hanger Do Not Disturb Sign” is purely a matrimonial masterpiece.

Tailored for couples ready to embark on their forever journey, this design is all about making a statement without screaming for attention.

With its clear “Do Not Disturb” message, it’s like the best man of door hangers—reliable, stylish, and always there when you need a moment’s peace.

The soft color palette, paired with the elegant typography, waltzes across the design, creating harmony that’s as memorable as the couple’s first dance and the heartfelt toasts that follow.

2. Black White Minimal Wedding Theme Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

The “Black White Minimal Wedding Theme Do Not Disturb Door Hanger” is, while a mouthful, a monochrome marvel, and a timeless testament to classic elegance.

With its chic black and white design, it’s the little black dress of door hangers—always in style, versatile, and ready to grace any event, from weddings to weekend getaways.

The bold “Do Not Disturb” typography doesn’t just knock; it announces its presence with authority, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear.

And with that extra space for personal touches, it’s like an open invitation to sprinkle in a bit of your unique flair.

3. Simple and Colorful Do not Disturb Door Hanger Sign Phone Wallpaper

Last but certainly not least, the “Simple and Colorful Do not Disturb Door Hanger Sign Phone Wallpaper” is the life of the party and the burst of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Overflowing with colors reminiscent of a disco ball, it’s here to ensure your message doesn’t just hang—it dances, it sings, it celebrates!

While it might be labeled as a phone wallpaper, with a dash of creativity, it’s ready to swing, sway, and sashay on any door.

Playful, vibrant, and unapologetically fun, it’s the door hanger that says, “Why walk when you can boogie?” and “Why whisper when you can sing?”

Frankly, that’s it! While Canva has a couple of other door hanger templates, they aren’t much different (or better) than what is shown here.

But in the spirit of Canva, you can get a little creative and think outside of the box. For instance, if you can’t find something to hang on the door knob, how about a door sign? The “Package Thief Mail Door Sign” is such an example, with a minimal design and bold message.

That said, hanging door signs, especially those made from paper or cardstock templates from platforms like Canva, might be a little more tricky, but can be done in various ways depending on the material of the door and the desired permanence.

With ribbon or string, you can punch a hole at the top of the sign. Then thread a ribbon or string through the hole, and tie a knot or bow, and hang it on a doorknob or hook.

With adhesive strips or hooks, like Command strips, ensure they don’t damage the door’s paint or finish when removed. And with magnetic strips, if the door is metal, you can attach magnetic strips to the back of the sign.

Alternatively, with a clip or clothespin! If there’s an existing structure, like a grille or mesh on the door, you can use a clip or clothespin to attach the sign. Suction cups could also work—if the door is glass, you can attach small suction cups to the sign. Press the suction cups onto the glass door to hang the sign.

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