Canva Elements: Tips & Visual Guide

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Canva has been called “the world’s easiest design program” and its libraries of pre-designed elements are a big reason why the platform is so easy to use. Not only is it the perfect option for design novices, but it is also a one-stop shop for quick and great-looking projects. Canva allows your creativity to flow with accessible tools and libraries full of virtually any element you could imagine.

So, let’s take a look at these 10 cool Canva elements (with a few you might not have even known existed).

Graphic Elements

First, of course, graphic elements are those creative assets comprised of lines, shapes, colors, textures, type, space, and general images. The Canva libraries are updated seemingly by the minute with new graphic elements from a community of designers who are at the forefront of the latest design and pop culture trends.

To get to Canva’s elements, simply look to the lefthand toolbar and click “Elements.” Then, you can either search by keyword or click through to each different category.

3D Elements

With the advancement of technology and improved software, 3D elements are trending. 3D elements and shapes have curved, bubbled, and beveled edges to make them appear both realistic and futuristic. 3D elements may appear to jump off of your screen with their innovative aesthetic and are great for digital Canva projects like websites, email, and social media campaigns.

Metallic shapes

The elegant and realistic shine of gold foil objects in Canva is nothing but luxurious. These elements are perfect for soft and delicate projects like invitations, holiday cards, and thank-you notes. The sheen and texture of these metallic shapes appear in the form of abstract and natural forms. Use these shapes as embellishments or frames on your Canva project, choosing from gold, silver, rose gold, and others.

Shadow overlays

Shadow overlays can be used on graphic elements and photographs. Specifically, Canva shadows are available in a variety of shapes and objects, such as palm tree leaves and window trims.

The soft, boho vibe of the shadow overlays is perfect for projects like social media, presentations, and website sections. Shadows breathe life into Canva projects making the visuals relatable!

Video Elements

Video elements are components that you can use right inside of Canva to create visually pleasing videos for all kinds of projects. These elements include both real video footage and animated components. In the discussion below you’ll learn about the cool Canva video elements to use in your Canva projects.

YouTube Intros

Canva’s video elements are full of YouTube-style intros that can be tweaked to include your brand or channel logo. If you’ve ever wondered how to create a sleek intro video, using Canva’s premade intro videos is an easy way to ease into it. Choose from intro-style videos that count down, welcome viewers to your channel, or even prompt viewers to subscribe.

Travel videos

Canva video elements feature beautiful video footage from virtually any destination on the planet, making for great resources for travel bloggers who need extra pizzazz in their content. The destination videos aren’t limited to travel bloggers, though, as these clips are cool additions to family travel videos too.

Animated explainer clips

Animated explainer videos are popular amongst small businesses because of the ease at which they can use short and engaging clips to share an idea, concept, or product with their customers. In Canva you’ll find short animated clips for virtually any scenario—ranging from holidays to customer service.

These clip elements can be edited by adding additional graphic elements, text, and music to create a full and custom explainer video.

Green screen videos

Some of the coolest elements you’ll find in Canva video elements are their pre-recorded green screen videos. If you aren’t familiar with what a green screen is or does, the use of a green screen allows for two objects to seamlessly combine together or on top of one another. This is how superhero movies get the cool effect of someone flying through the sky. Canva video elements include a large library of footage with green screens already built in, making advanced video editing convenient and fast.

Animated Stickers

Animated GIFs, or giphy stickers, add the slightest movement and fun to your digital Canva projects like social media, presentations, and websites. In Canva you’ll find a wide selection of animated GIFs and stickers.

Now the really cool part about these stickers is that many of them are editable, so you can choose the precise color combinations—the creative possibilities are endless! These stickers can be downloaded as a .gif file, or a .mov, making them quite versatile.

Audio Elements

Sourcing audio for your video projects can be incredibly time-consuming and costly. But with Canva’s audio library, you can find the perfect intro tune for your video. The audio library categorizes songs by type such as cinematic or pop; there is even a category dedicated just to YouTube. Audio length ranges from a few seconds to just a few minutes.

Intro music

If you’re working on a video project that includes voiceover, the intro music options in Canva are made just for you. Intro audio clips are short songs, and are produced in a way to be quick-hitting in order to prepare the viewer for the video content coming next. In Canva you can search for intro music, and then browse by theme.

Sound effects

The audio library in Canva also includes sound effects, which put emphasis on a particular action in your video and call attention to something. The sound effects in Canva range from a bottle pop sound to a busy highway, and can be added to a specific time stamp on your video right in Canva.

All in all, benefit of using Canva elements is that it reduces the need for dozens of platforms and creative assets. With Canva element libraries you have access to all of the items you need, right in front of you in one platform.

Canva’s libraries of elements are always expanding as their army of creators add to the platform. Whether you are crafting a wedding invitation or producing a YouTube video, Canva has a cool element to make your project great.

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