Canva Tutorials

How to Curve Text Around an Image in Canva

April 7, 2023 Rent My Words

Canva is a great tool if you have absolutely zero design experience and aren’t what someone would call “tech savvy.” That said, it’s infinitely better if you know how to creatively overcome the platform’s shortcomings, […]

Canva Tutorials

How to Strikethrough Text on Canva

April 5, 2023 Rent My Words

To strikethrough text on Canva, simply go to “elements” and select the line from “lines and shapes.” Upon clicking the line, that line will appear on the canvas, which you can then move on top […]

Freelance Writing TIps

How to Check for Plagiarism

October 30, 2022 Rent My Words

The Internet grants access to a world of information on a subject within a few clicks. Someone could be confused on a complex topic like how inflation has impacted America, and find articles within seconds […]

How To

How Much Should Freelance Writers Charge?

August 6, 2020 Ryan

When it comes to the question of how much freelance writers charge for writing different things like press releases or blog posts – or should charge – step back and consider a few things first. […]


How to Outline Text in Canva in Two Minutes

August 2, 2020 Ryan

AUGUST 2020 UPDATE: Many accounts are seeing the rollout of various, new Canva text effects. These are “one-click” options that allow for easy shadowing, and more. There is not an “outline” option, (and you still can’t […]


How to Create Thin Lines in Canva

August 30, 2019 Ryan

  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…it’s head-shaking to feel the need to write a blog post on creating thin lines in Canva (among other seemingly simple tasks like how to outline text […]