How to Draw a Curved Line in Canva

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As challenging as it might be sometimes to do something simple and straightforward in Canva, I actually enjoy the creativity it allows for (at times).

For instance, when I was using Canva to illustrate my book for KDP, my goal was to do so using all custom shapes. In doing so, I found that if I wanted a shape to take on a property not easily available, I had to employ certain tricks in order to achieve the desired result.

An example would be creating a 90 degree angle, which is really just a square that’s missing sides and a corner. Or, creating a mountain top, which is really just a triangle missing its base.


Anyway, the curved line follows the same pursuit. Yes, there is a curved line element…(Just go to “Elements” and then scroll; you’ll see it quickly.)

You can even take this a step further and connect two curved lines or more for something like this:

But what about if you needed to create something a bit curvier, or not as curvy?

(There could be a few different definitions of a “curved line” so the below may not work for you. If not, I welcome comments so that I can try to solve for your unique challenge!)

Drawing a Curved Line in Canva

1. Add an Outlined Circle

Go to “Elements” and grab the empty circle with the outline.

2. Add a Filled Circle

Go to “Elements” to grab another circle. This time it should be a filled circle without an outline.

3. Change Color of Filled Circle

Change the color of the filled circle to match the canvas background color (making the circle invisible).

4. Place the Filled Circle

Now, all you need to do is move the filled circle around to wherever you wish based on the type and length of curved line you’re striving for. Basically, you’re hiding the outlined circle to achieve a curved line. It’s “cheating,” but it’s the only way to get it done. 

And that’s it! A couple of different ways to accomplish your goal of creating a curved line in Canva. 

Looking for something specific? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help out!

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