How to Create & Insert a Table in Canva

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November 2022 Update: Thanks to Canva’s many elements, you can now add a table with the click of a couple of buttons. Simply go to “Elements” and then scroll down to the “Tables” category or search by the keyword “table.”

After you use Canva for a while, you fall into the thinking that everything should be available at the click of a button. And, when it’s not, we sometimes forget that creating that thing is probably easy in itself, and would actually for more customizability had we only been able to use what was given to us.

Making and inserting a table is one of those things, and really only takes a minute or so depending on how complex you’d like to make it.

How to Add a Table in Canva

1. Add a Shape as Your Cell

Go to “Elements” and choose a square or rectangle. This will serve as your table cell.

2. Resize the Shape

Now, resize the shape to the cell dimensions you require. I took a square and resized it into a rectangle, but you can easily just grab a rectangle.

3. Copy the Shape

When you have your sized cell, copy and paste it. You do this as many times as you need depending on the number of required columns.

4. Copy the Row

Once you have enough cells for your row, select all of the shapes (the entire row) and copy and paste. Again, do this for as many rows as you need.

5. Create Header Row

Last, don’t forget to create a top header row. This will typically be a different color so that it stands apart from the rest of the table. You can add text in this step, as I have done with the column headings.

Really, that’s it! Video tutorial walkthrough is below, and I’m happy to answer questions and address needs. Good luck!

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