Using BDScript in Canva

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BDScript is an elegant and modern font that can be used for a variety of projects thanks to its mix of classic and modern elements. BDScript also has characters that are well-spaced, allowing for easy readability, and is optimized for both print and digital use.

BDSCript Font Pairings

Given the formal and fancy appearance of BDScript, it’s a font that works well with a plain type combo like Poppins Medium, as shown here:

That said, BDScript font pairs nicely with a variety of fonts, including sans-serif fonts like Arial and Helvetica, as well as serif fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia.

If you’re looking for something more modern, pairing BDScript with Roboto or Open Sans could be fun.

For a more decorative look, try pairing it with Playfair Display or Pacifico.

Have fun experimenting with different font combinations to find the one that best suits your project!

Example Projects

BDScript makes a great font for business cards for spas, hairdressers, and anything in personal care:

And of course, an invitation, save the date, or any other announcement is a good time to utilize a Canva cursive font like BDScript:

BDScript vs. Moontime

In case you haven’t heard, Moontime is one of the most popular fonts you can find on Canva, and is used in a number of different project designs including save the dates, holiday cards, and much more. That said, it’s a lot similar to BDScript!

Here is how they’re similar and different.

Bdscript font is a bold, sans-serif typeface with a modern and sophisticated look. It has a strong contrast between thick and thin strokes and a slightly condensed letterform.

On the other hand, Moontime font is a more playful, hand-drawn font with a more whimsical feel. The font has an irregular baseline and the letters have rounded edges and a loose, organic feel.

Basically, BDScript is a bit more formal than Moontime, in that BDScript has a uniform baseline and is a bit more perfect, while Moontime is more free-flowing and “up and down.”

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