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Now that we’ve gotten through the differences between the the analogy vs. metaphor, let’s dive deeper into one of them – analogies – and one specific thing that could be better explained by such analogies—feelings.

7 Analogies for Feelings, for 7 Different People Types

For the sport lover:

Feelings are like a quarterback calling plays on the football field; he’s trying to send a specific message, but it’s up to the rest of the team to correctly hear that message, and execute.

For the rock star:

Feelings are like a song that’s stuck in your head; you wanted it around when the song was novel and fresh, but can’t get it out fast enough once the tune starts to sour.

For the artist:

Feelings are like a palette of color; they’re all there, available for choosing, but we are accustomed and comfortable with painting only a select few.

For the movie lover:

Feelings are like the movie you’ve seen multiple times; you’ve watched it all unfold before, but sometimes, inexplicably, you’re left expecting a different outcome.

For the parent:

Feelings are like children; you don’t want them constantly in your face, but don’t want them to never come out of their room either.

For the nature lover:

Feelings are like keeping bees; you want activity in the hive, but you’ll often regret stirring it up inorganically.

For the chef:

Feelings are like grilling; you need a lit flame to cook food, but a roaring fire usually leaves you burned.

Thoughts? Any more you can come up with that you feel are worthy of adding?

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