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Do Unpublished Authors Need a Website?

November 24, 2019 Ryan

Really, I’ve been asked quite a few times “do I need a website.” As in, “I’m a fitness trainer, do I need a website?” “I sell baseball cards, do I need a website?” “I’m an […]


How to Underline Text in Canva

September 20, 2019 Ryan

UPDATE: You can now easily underline text in Canva just as you’d expect to be able to to! Simply select your text, and then go to the “U” symbol in the text options. So, the […]


How to Create Thin Lines in Canva

August 30, 2019 Ryan

  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…it’s head-shaking to feel the need to write a blog post on creating thin lines in Canva (among other seemingly simple tasks like how to outline text […]

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Most Searched eBook Topics

July 16, 2019 Ryan

You’ve done it—you’ve made the decision that you’re going to write an eBook. Congrats! There is no feeling like this one. The “Yeah, I’m going to go out and do this” triggers a heavy flow […]