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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a blog post idea rolling around in my head and just couldn’t manage to get my fingers to type anything meaningful.

And just as many times, once I found that spark of a sentence, I was off to the races, and almost stunned it took me so long to get started writing something that was now flowing so easily.

It’s like when you’re teetering on the edge of the pool, knowing you want to go for a swim, but also having zero luck in convincing your warm body to get into the cold water. Then bam, your friend just pushes you in, and while a million negative thoughts race through your head as you hit the water, you pop up smiling, and actually happy they did so?

Well for me, that’s Canva Magic Write. The difference is magic Write doesn’t push as hard, but instead readies my mind (and fingers) to take the plunge.

Canva Magic Write FAQ

I also realize that writing can already be intimidating enough, and if don’t really yet know “how to swim,” having to mess with a brand-new tool can be a bit overwhelming. So, I’m here to ask and answer the many questions I’ve already seen asked along with those I think might be holding you back from testing the waters.

What is Canva Magic Write?

In the context of the above, Canva Magic Write is a tool that helps people get started creating better content. I really do emphasize the “get started” piece here because yes, while Magic Write is powerful enough to pump out an entire document in seconds, I’d still highly encourage you to use it as a starting point that you to gain ideas from and build off of, incorporating your own words, anecdotes, and expertise.

The tool uses advanced artificial intelligence to generate content ideas and suggestions from a prompt (or query, as we will dive into shortly), as well as to reformat documents—my favorites include pasting a paragraph and asking Magic Write to transform it into bullet points or to summarize a block of text it into something shorter, or simply help me brainstorm.

Magic Write is also embedded into Canva Docs, which is Canva’s newly-launched tool for creating and collaborating on media-rich documents. Think of it like Google Docs but combined with all of the design elements that makes Canva the leading tool it is today.

Is Canva Magic Write free to use?

Yes, Canva Magic Write is free to use, up to 25 queries. That said, Pro users will have access to additional, unlimited queries. If you’re unsure whether or not 25 queries is enough to either get something done or experiment enough to know whether or not you should become a Canva Pro member, the answer is yes. I mean, the Canva Pro was worth it before Magic Wrtie was even released, so the unlimited queries is simply icing on the cake.

What is a query in Magic Write?

A query in Canva Magic Write is any prompt for returned content. That is, if you “ask” Magic Write to do something by clicking submit, that’s a query, and can include ideas for social media posts, press releases, business plans, customer support responses, and more. Each query is counted as one use of Magic Write, and again, free users are limited to 25 queries.

How do you use Canva Magic Write?

To use Magic Write, open a Canva Doc and then click the “+” within the document. Select “Magic Write” and then add a prompt. If you’re unsure where to start, click the “Try an Example” button. In this case, you’ll see the example prompt added was:

“5 Twitter posts announcing a product launch for a new alarm clock phone app”

If that looks good, go ahead and press “enter” or, feel free to edit the prompt to your liking. In this example, I kept the prompt as is, and received the following response:

How fast does Magic Write work?

I don’t think many people understand just how useful a tool like Magic Write is in picking you up out of a writing funk almost immediately. It’s literally, enter your prompt, wait a few seconds and receive your content. Yes, seconds. Not to mention that from there, if you don’t like the response or want to build off ot it, you can keep going and going until your happy.

Can Magic Write produce content on latest trends and news?

I’ve seen mixed results here, but my answer would have to be not quite. Today I asked about recent events including the 2023 Golden Globe Awards which were last night, Brock Purdy and the 49ers which has been a big NFL story for a month or so, and the 2022 World Cup, which ended in December. While Magic Writee confidently produced the content asked for, the facts missed the mark. I’d only expect this to get better in time.

What sets Magic Write apart from other AI content tools?

The biggest thing for me is that other content tools don’t have any type of design component, let alone one of the best design platforms out there. So, when you combine everything Canva has already given us from a design standpoint including the many different Canva elements, templates, background remover, and so much more.

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