How to Copy One Design to Another in Canva

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Copying one design to another in Canva is pretty simple, and you actually have a few different options depending on your actual end goal.

For instance, you may have created something years ago and are now realizing that a particular element would look great in a new creation. Or, perhaps you’re creating some sort of reflective work or portfolio and need to bring in a number of older elements.

There’s also the time when you personally create something and want to share it with a friend or co-worker for them to work from and edit, etc.

Again, each scenario is doable!

3 Ways to Copy a Canva Design to Another

1. Copy and Paste the Elements

If you have access to both designs, one of the easiest ways of going about copying a design to another is to simply copy and paste as you would in any other scenario.

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To make this easiest, you can open both designs, one on each tab and then simply copy from one and paste into another.

2. Utilize Canva Folders

Look, I get it. Sometimes Canva is buggy and the normal everyday actions you’d expect to be no problem can turn into an hour’s worth of frustration.

So, to make the process a bit more formal, you can always access other designs from your current design by utilizing your folders.

The first thing you’d need to do then is to place your designs into different folders. One easy way to do that is to hover over your designs until you see the three dots. Click the dots and select “add to folder.” You can either create a new folder or add to one that already exists.

You can also check out your folder situation by looking to the left of the home screen and finding “all your folders” and then view all of your folders, create a new folder, etc.

Now, when you’re in a design and want to copy over another design, look to the left under background and select “folders.” Here you will see the folders and designs just mentioned, allowing you to easily import or copy an older design into the design you’re currently working on.

3. Sharing Designs on Canva

Has there ever been more of a need to virtually collaborate with someone? Maybe, maybe not, but the point is, it’s always been important, is pretty important now, and perhaps more so moving forward as more and more teams go remote.

That said, even if everyone is working together in the same office, collaboration tools are necessary—it’s what makes Google docs so valuable, as anyone can open a document for work, and can do what they need to do without having to worry about overwriting someone else, or being overwritten.

So, with Canva how can you ensure the same convenience and flexibility?


To edit a shared design in Canva, open your design and go to “share” in the top right of your window.

When clicked, you’ll see the option to “share a link to” either edit, use as a template, or view.

To be able to have someone edit a design you share on Canva, you must ensure your share options are set to “edit.”

Then, just share the link with whomever you wish either by clicking “copy link” and pasting in your messenger, etc.

Or, you can go to “share designs with others to view and edit” and type the email address you’d like to invite and then click “send invites.”

And that’s it!

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