How to Add & Use Frames in Canva

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Think about how many photos you’ve taken over the last year, or even over the last week?

Then think about how many you actually print off or share on social.

And then finally, how many of those do you print off and not put in a frame, or share on social and not add some sort of touch up, sticker, or filter?

Point is, we love to take photos! That said, only a few of them make the cut, and those that do still get dressed up in some fashion or another. 

So, the thinking is, is it the photo itself that is preventing you from utilizing it more, or is it what you have at your disposal?

With Canva, before I started using frames I found myself uploading a number of photos that I loved, but just couldn’t find the right use for them.

Reason being, photos on their own are a bit one-dimensional, as in they’re all pretty much the same size. Not to mention that out of an entire photo, you need all of the different elements to be perfect. Typically, something is too big or too small; or there is something in the background that is distracting or simply not something you want to showcase.


Using frames in Canva allow you to cut all of that out—you can incorporate photos as parts of your designs, focus on only the good aspects, and even remove or change backgrounds all together.

Here is a video if you prefer, with written details and instruction to follow. 

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How to Use Frames in Canva

To use frames in Canva, go to the “elements” section and then scroll down to “frames.” You can also simply search “frames” in the search bar. Next, drag your desired photo into the frame—you can double-click the photo to adjust it within the frame. From there, you can remove the background and more; here are the details:

1. Find your frames

To find frames in Canva, simply go to “elements” and then scroll down to “frames.” Or, you can utilize the search bar and type “frame” to see your options.

2. Add and adjust your photos

Next, find the photos you want to place in the frames—and don’t worry! If the photos you want to add aren’t the perfect size, you can double-click them while they are in the frame and then drag to adjust which specific part of the photo you want to display. 

3. Remove and change background

As a final bonus step, you can also remove the background of the photos you’d like to place in the frame, and then add a different background altogether. 

As you can see here, I add my frame and photo, and then click to remove the background of the photo. Now, the ability to remove the background is only available to Canva Pro members, but you can start a 30-day free trial here

Once you’ve removed the background, place the photo in the frame as you normally would, and then go over to change the frame background color, and you’ll now see your photo with a new background, inside the frame!

Cool, right? 

If you’d like to watch a video of the process, here you go! Best of luck, and let me know if you hit any roadblocks. 

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