How to Put a Link into a Canva Design

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Sometimes a tool or shell can make you forget the basics. Meaning, while Canva is an amazing tool that offers all sorts of design capabilities, it merely “houses” a lot of things you can create elsewhere.

Meaning, from the PDFs you download, to the GIFs you create, etc., a lot of the basic rules apply. In this case, you can’t put links into a PNG or JPEG; anywhere, so no, you can’t do it in Canva. But PDFs…

How to Put a Link Into a Canva Design

1. Add Text

Yes, TEXT. In Canva, you can only link text, not elements or images.

2. Link Text

Now, to link your text, simply highlight the word(s) you want to serve as your anchor text.

Depending on your view, you’ll either click the link icon at the top right of the screen, right below the download arrow, or, you’ll have to first click the three dots for “more” and then click the link icon that is then revealed.

3. Download PDF

As mentioned above, this is the key to the whole operation, because you can easily perform the two steps above, but then if you download as a JPEG or PNG, the link won’t carry over.

So, go to “download” and then for the “file type” dropdown, select PDF, and then go ahead and download.

Then, once you download and open the PDF, if you hover over the linked text, you should see your URL appear.

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