How to Work Together on Canva & Collaborate with Someone Else

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Has there ever been more of a need to virtually collaborate with someone? Maybe, maybe not, but the point is, it’s always been important, is pretty important now, and perhaps more so moving forward as more and more teams go remote.

That said, even if everyone is working together in the same office, collaboration tools are necessary—it’s what makes Google docs so valuable, as anyone can open a document for work, and can do what they need to do without having to worry about overwriting someone else, or being overwritten.

So, with Canva how can you ensure the same convenience and flexibility?

How to Edit Shared Design on Canva

To edit a shared design in Canva, open your design and go to “share” in the top right of your window.

When clicked, you’ll see the option to “share a link to” either edit, use as a template, or view.

To be able to have someone edit a design you share on Canva, you must ensure your share options are set to “edit.”

Then, just share the link with whomever you wish either by clicking “copy link” and pasting in your messenger, etc.

Or, you can go to “share designs with others to view and edit” and type the email address you’d like to invite and then click “send invites.”

And that’s it!

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