How to Make a Wonka-Inspired Golden Ticket in Canva

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This is another of what is hopefully many mini projects where I can showcase the ease of Canva.

To date, we’ve learned how to create a trading card template, and a backstage pass with Canva. And today, we are working on creating a golden ticket, inspired of course by the one and only Willy Wonka.

Like with all of my how-tos and tutorials, you can take liberties and change colors, designs, and elements to suit your needs! That’s the great thing about Canva—you can create (and quickly, mind you) a number of different variations of the same project.

How to Create a Golden Ticket

Creating a golden ticket comes down to a few very basic steps, with perhaps the most difficult revolving around the decisions of the type of gold feel you want for the ticket, and the fringe, possibly.

1. Create a new design with a gold background

The first step is to create your new design. For the dimensions, I chose 6×3 inches, but any horizontal setup would work just fine. I feel like the actual movie version of the golden ticket was a bit thicker given how gigantic those Wonka chocolate bars were.

In terms of the gold background, you have plenty of options. So, it might be best to got to “backgrounds” and then search “gold.” You’ll see a couple of designs to choose from, and if you don’t see one that fits your needs, go ahead and search for “gold” again but in the “photos” section.


2. Add a white border

Now, you’re going to add a white border around the gold background base in order to create the fringed ends.

Go to “elements” and then “shapes.” I chose the first square option, which is the most traditional, and allows for dragged resizing in order to achieve a blocked line. You can also go to “lines” but I prefer creating the line from the rectangle shape.

Change the rectangle’s color to white and then place it on one side of the gold background. Then copy the rectangle three times and place it along the remaining sides to create the white border.

You should now have something that looks like this—your gold background with a solid white border.

3. Add the trim

To get the jagged edge look, go back to “elements” and then search “zigzag.” Again, you can choose any option here, but I went for a traditional zag.

Now, make sure the color is white as well, and then rotate it so that it’s standing vertical and running parallel with the sides of the ticket. Then, place the zigzag on the left side of the ticket. The white of the zigzag should blend in with the background while the white “points” should create the jagged trim.

Repeat for the other, opposite side. You can also keep going and do this for all four sides if you wanted.

4. Add your text and other elements

Really, the rest is up to you, and pretty straightforward in terms of adding your text, lines, and other creative elements.

Here is what I went with, and a quick rundown of what I used:

“Words” at the top is a combination of the “great vibes” font (one of Canva’s many great cursive fonts) and the hitchcut font for the rest of the word. You can also upload your own fonts to Canva if you have something else already in mind.

I then added two simple black lines to the left and right of the main “Words,” and then two additional line separators at the bottom.


The main “Golden Ticket” font is Abril Fatface 40, and the supporting text font is Houston 15.

And that’s it! When you print these out at home, cut away the white space so that you’re left with the golden ticket and jagged edges as intended. Happy to try and answer any issues encountered!

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