How to Outline Text in Canva in Two Minutes

August 2, 2020 Ryan

AUGUST 2020 UPDATE: Many accounts are seeing the rollout of various, new Canva text effects. These are “one-click” options that allow for easy shadowing, and more. There is not an “outline” option, but I found you […]


How to Make a Checklist in Canva

July 19, 2020 Rent My Words

You know when kids do something wrong, repeatedly, and then you choose that one that to really get upset about, just to make an example? If you stacked up everything you could have gotten mad at, […]


Creating & Using Canva Text Effects

July 4, 2020 Ryan

August 2020 update! New “out of the box” text effects are rolling out to Canva accounts as we speak. I walk through what’s available here: Music: For all that is amazing about Canva, the […]