Canva Magic Write FAQ

February 3, 2023 Rent My Words

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a blog post idea rolling around in my head and just couldn’t manage to get my fingers to type anything meaningful. And just as many times, […]


Canva Elements: Tips & Visual Guide

November 11, 2022 Rent My Words

Canva has been called “the world’s easiest design program” and its libraries of pre-designed elements are a big reason why the platform is so easy to use. Not only is it the perfect option for […]


12 Best Star Wars Fonts on Canva

October 26, 2022 Rent My Words

The action-packed storytelling of Star Wars can easily get everyone in the family excited, no matter the age. I mean, I have a 6-year-old who has never seen a single Star Wars movie, yet is […]


Canva Black Friday Deals (and Templates)

October 23, 2022 Rent My Words

When it comes to Black Friday deals, the shopping holiday is certainly better suited for some products and services versus others. For Canva, a relatively low-priced product at $12.95/month along with a free 30-day trial […]


Disney-Inspired Fonts on Canva

October 15, 2022 Rent My Words

Unfortunately, there is no Disney font on Canva. That is, there is no font that looks like the scripted “Disney” you’re used to seeing everywhere, including what is shown below. NEW: To celebrate #EPCOT40 Disney […]